Brittany Oliver

brittany oliverBeing brought up in South Africa near the ocean, Brittany’s love for the water stems from childhood. She took part in many water sports but below the surface is where she found her real passion.

A passion and deep love like no other developed (especially for fish and in particular sharks) and for this reason she completed her Honours in Ichthyology and Fisheries Sciences. Dedicating her time, to further understand methods to conserve and protect our underwater environment. She has volunteered with the Seychelles Marine National Parks assisting in developing an education centre to help raise public awareness on the importance of the oceans and how we should care and protect the ocean.

Brittany is also an avid Freediver and SCUBA diving Instructor, with a strong commitment to promoting ocean conservation through introducing adults and children to the wonders of the ocean so they develop a positive relationship with the ocean and all it inhabits. Brittany then moved to the Middle East, working in the LOST CHAMBERS aquarium, as an aquarist and “Mermaid Ambassador. Using her skills from freediving to inspire children and adults and help to create a physical and emotional connection to the aquatic environment through mermaid shows. Shortly after raising awareness in the aquarium, she voluntarily took her knowledge, skills and passion outside to schools in order to promote ocean conservation and inspire and cultivate young minds to love and protect our oceans. She has over the years, developed a burning passion for biological and research studies in whale behaviour, echolocation, language, intelligence and the human impact on whale populations from fisheries. Brittany wishes to use her scientific and public relation skills to make a valuable contribution to bridge the gap between mankind and nature; in particular focusing on these remarkable marine mammals.