Victoria Jenner

victoria jenner

June 2015 Victoria Jenner undertook her first role as Research Assistant in June 2015 for the Ischia Dolphin Project. She is currently studying History and English at The University of Exeter in Cornwall, England, which is a central area for data collection and ongoing research for cetacean life, plus ethical energy supply, in the UK. She has her Advanced PADI Scuba diving qualification and works towards a career in environmental journalism.
Victoria holds a great passion for marine life, specifically the Orca’s migrating path through Iceland and Vancouver. By 2017, she hopes to have gained the skills and experience to take her work over to Vancouver, to document and create a short documentary on the natural habitat of the Orca. She is particularly drawn to the divisions formed in terms of relationships between the different groups. The intelligence behind their collaborations and what specifically motivates the ‘families’ to stay together is something so beautifully similar to humanity that it completely draws my interest. Another area is the relation between the orca in captivity to the wild and how behavioural patterns deteriorate to aggression. Victoria wishes to extend her research to establish further discoveries in anatomy, respiration, echolocation, feeding and sexual reproduction- in order to try and establish more on behavioural habits.
Despite not studying a science based subject, Victoria moved to Cornwall in 2014 in order to become more involved with Marine Life Conservation Volunteering at the Silver Dolphin Dive Centre. A course based upon rescuing stranded dolphins on the Cornish beaches. Here they analyse certain behaviours and documented certain ‘lively’ areas for stranded dolphins. Further projects such as researching wildlife in the forestry of Chiang Mai- Thailand in 2014, monitoring Bat behaviour over British railway lines plus volunteering in Chennai and Trichy in India to aid Trichy University research for local people’s culture.
Victoria speaks English and French.