Training day on cetaceans for the Coast Guard in Rome

formazioneCPPRESS RELEASE, ROME 10/05/2018 – Last Monday, Oceanomare Delphis Onlus (ODO) researchers delivered a course on cetaceans addressed to the staff of the Coast Guard in Rome.

This initiative falls within the Agreement of the scientific collaboration for the study and conservation of cetaceans signed between the Coast Guard of Rome and ODO (March 2017), which aims at cooperating in the research activities as well as in awareness campaigns supporting the safeguard of the marine environment and, in particular, of cetaceans inhabiting the waters off the coasts of Lazio region. 


The aim of the course, addressed in particular to the staff onboard the Coast Guards’ vessels of Rome -  and as such to those who, working at sea, could observe the animals – was to transfer technical competences and advise good practises to adopt in their presence.

The day opened with the biology and behaviour of cetaceans and followed with a focus on threats related to human activities and with the international guidelines to respect during a sighting. The course ended with an operational aspect: the definition of the data to be gathered during a sighting by the Coast Guard staff, useful information to the scientific research benefitting a greater knowledge on cetaceans’ presence and distribution in our seas. 

Since 2015, ODO has been carrying out “Delfini Capitolini”, a project for the study of a coastal species of cetacean, the bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus), in the waters off Fiumicino, Ostia and Torvajanica, MPA “Secche di Tor Paterno” included. The most recent studies show that there are over 150 bottlenose dolphins inhabiting the area, used not only for feeding purposes but also for reproduction and nursing.