Campaign Results of Delfini Capitolini 2017

DC13PRESS RELEASE, ROME 05/04/2018 - During the 2017 campaign of Delfini Capitolini, ODO researchers carried out 48 sea journeys, travelling 990 miles in 170 hours of monitoring the study area, which led to 19 sightings of bottlenose dolphins.

During the 100 miles travelled in the presence of the animals, about 46K photographs were taken, and thanks to a stationary hydrophone by Dodotronic, acoustic data was gathered of feeding and socialising animals.

In 9 instances, dolphins were observed interacting with fishing activities, a useful information for the study of interactions between animals and fishing practices.

 By the preliminary analysis of photo-identification, 40 individuals resulted being already present in the catalogue, therefore ‘recaptured’, while 8 were new ones to be added to a total of over 150 already identified. This evidence confirms their high degree of site fidelity, and the presence of newborns with their birth folds still present – as documented in three sightings – highlights the importance of this area as not only a feeding ground but also as a site for reproduction and nursing, and as such worth of greater conservation effort. 

Delfini Capitolini project can count on the significant collaboration of the Italian Coast Guard in Rome, represented by Capitano di Vascello (CP) Filippo Marini, as well as Ammiraglio Ispettore Capo (CP) Pierluigi Cacioppo – ODO honorary member – with which it shares the mission of the protection and public awareness on marine biodiversity. Last November, thanks to a call from a Coast Guard vessel, our researchers were able to carry out a sighting of a group of 20 dolphins, calves included, feeding in the waters of Fiumicino. 

During the 2017 campaign, a very significant role was played by Citizen Science – the active participation in the scientific research by citizens of the Roman coast. Thanks to 28 calls by the ‘community of the Roman sea’ (sailors, fishermen, divers etc..) our researchers were able to add relevant data of dolphins’ presence, and in 7 instances, these live calls led to actual sightings by the ODO team.

A special thanks goes to the group of Nautica Fabietti, where our vessel is docked, for their several calls and support. The spontaneous collaboration by citizens and sea lovers through calls to +39 348 5934685 truly represents an important and tangible help for Delfini Capitolini.

The project can be supported also by experiencing first hand a day of fieldwork with the ODO team, in the search for the dolphins of Rome (info: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).