Dd 01The 11th meeting of the Scientific Committee of ACCOBAMS – the Agreement on the Conservation of Cetaceans in the Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea, and Contiguous Atlantic Area – took place in Monaco, last February 2017, with the aim to outline a three year-long plan (201- 2019) based on three strategic pillars: increase the knowledge of the status of cetaceans in the Area, reduce human pressure on them and enhance public awareness on their conservation.

In order to manage the plan’s objectives and priorities, the Committee has appointed 4 Task Managers with their relative support groups, called “correspondence groups” and organised in subject areas: 1) interaction with fisheries, 2) species conservation management plans, 3) functional stranding networks and responses to emergency situations, 4) protected areas for cetaceans.  



Oceanomare Delphis Onlus, as ACCOBAMS Partner, is part of the correspondence group on the drafting and implementation of Species Conservation and Management Plans (CMP), as provided by the Resolution 6.21, approved last November 2016 during the ACCOBAMS 6th Meeting of the Parties.

Resolution 6.21 suggests the Scientific Committee to take in consideration the results from the Workshop ‘Conservation and research networking on short-beaked common dolphins , held last April 2016 in Ischia and promoted by Oceanomare Delphis Onlus, in collaboration with OceanCare and Biological Conservation Research Foundation di Malta (BICREF). Both the Scientific Committee and the CMP have welcomed this suggestion, recommending, in addition, the reconstitution of a working group on common dolphin, including all the experts on the species in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea.

This way, the last conservation and management plan on common dolphin dated back to 2004 will be reviewed and updated, thus laying the foundations for a reassessment of the status of the species in the Red List of IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature).