Hashley Huges

hashley hugesCurrently studying Marine Biology at the university of Faro, in Portugal, he hopes to follow with a career in marine mammal conservation.

Inspired and fascinated by documentaries about the oceans from an early age, water has been an integral part of his life since the time he could swim, encouraging him to take on a variety of sports and activities; from water skiing and sailing to swimming and scuba diving.

In 2010 he qualified for his PADI open water license, and has recently completed another diving qualification with Global Underwater Explorers (GUE), a qualification aimed to set the basis for scientific work under water. In 2013 Ashley spent a month on board the Jean Gab as a volunteer for the Ischia Dolphin Project, learning the basics of life at sea, where his sailing skills and interest in Marine Biology were put to good use. In 2015, he returned to the project as a Research Officer, learning a great deal about Marine Mammal Ecology, particularly in the areas of bioacoustics, data collection and cetacean social structures.

Ashley speaks fluent English and Portuguese, as well as some Spanish, French and Italian.