Unicredit for ODO


We are very happy to announce that, for the second year, Unicredit has decided to support ODO for the purchase of equipment for the project ‘Delfini Capitolini’.

With the funds available within Carta Etica framework, Unicredit helps our researchers to study bottlenose dolphins inhabiting the coasts of Rome, in the sea area facing Fiumicino, Ostia and Torvajanica, within the Protected Marine Area known as Secche di Tor Paterno. 

Our president Daniela Silvia Pace explains in detail the objectives of this collaboration: “We are extremely happy to receive the renewed support of Unicredit, which will allow us to purchase essential equipment for the scientific research and monitoring activities of bottlenose dolphins in Secche di Tor Paterno. This is in fact a coastal area and as such is particularly subject to alterations and degradation due to human impact. Aim of our study is to learn about the presence of this species, its distribution, use of the environment and behaviour, as well as its interactions with human activities. It is for all these reasons that Delfini Capitolini project represents a crucial objective in the research program of Oceanomare Delphis, and an important action in favour of the conservation of the sea of Rome”.

We have also talked to Roberto Serafini, ODO fundraiser: “I am very pleased by Unicredit additional contribution as it shows their renewed trust in the worth of our activities in favour of the advancement of scientific research and the mission of the conservation of the biodiversity of our marine environment. A big thank you to Alessandro Tolotti and Giovanna Barbalace from Unicredit for believing in ODO!”

Let’s then continue with our activities, proud of the support of important partners as Unicredit!