British Council in Ischia

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 Following a day at the British Council in Naples, during which ODO presented the world of cetaceans and the monitoring and research activities for their conservation in the Mediterranean Sea, a “writing competition” took place among the 100 students participating in the event. Students were asked to write about their ideas to contribute to the safeguard of cetaceans in our seas. The prize for the best three compositions was to experience “being a researcher for a day” on board of our lab vessel in the sea of Ischia, in the search for dolphins and whales. 

Last May, in fact, Francesco Lamberti, one of the winners, spent a day on the Jean Gab, along with our crew and researchers, learning the basis of field work, observing the animals in their natural habitat. This is his account of the experience:

“I decided to use my prize for the writing competition on Saturday. I arrived in Ischia at 9.30 a.m. and I found the organizer of the association waiting for me with another eleven people and two dogs.

The first part of the day was literally amazing; just out of the port, a child on the boat saw a group of dolphins, so we spent all morning photographing and recording all their behaviours with a special microphone … I must say that seeing all these dolphins together and so near to us was a really beautiful experience.

Then we had lunch, there was a very friendly atmosphere which let me really enjoy the moment. After that we headed for Ventotene, sailing towards a deeper area of sea, in order to find a sperm whale. Unfortunately, our search didn’t go well as we couldn’t find any huge mammal.

On the way back to the port, we had some time to relax and speak to each other and enjoy the sun.

I had a really nice day, and I think that it could also be a good experience for you if you like the sea as much as I do.”

Thank you Francesco, it was nice having you with us as an ODO crew member!

The collaboration between ODO and the British Council meets the ‘green’ objective of the British Council Global Environmental framework, a British platform for the promotion of public awareness on environmental issues, and it will be the first of future initiatives with Oceanomare Delphis for the safeguard and conservation of our sea and its inhabitants. Caroline Swettenham, teacher and green champion at the British Council, remarks, “It was exciting to see our collaboration develop over the year and I have met a lot of the team members and appreciate their commitment to what they do.  We are looking forward to more joint projects this academic year.” 

A big thank you to the British Council, helping us studying and protecting the Sea and its wonderful animals!