Common Dolphins acoustics

Delphinus delphis

spec dd 01

Although no audiogram has yet been described for this species, there are some recordings that reveal some acoustic characteristics. Busnel and Dziending (1966) distinguished at least five different types of sounds for frequency, frequency modulation and harmonic component. More recently Wakefield (2001), on a sample of 533 whistles, measured the duration (average 0:53, 0:04 to 1:51 range s) and the frequency range between 5676 and 23842 Hz.


Preliminary analyzes on the data collected in the study area show, in general, lower values in both duration and frequency (n = 561 n whistles samples = 15300, average duration 0:36, the range 0:02 to 2:29, 0:24 DS ± s; mean frequency 10808, range 3402-20370, SD ± 2752 Hz).


Spectrogram of common dolphin vocalizations, whistles and clicks