Fin whale acoustic

Balaenoptera physalus

The fin whale emits infrasound with an emission source up to  186dB re 1μPa / 1m.

These signals are short pulses (<1 s) frequency modulated (23-18 Hz), typically produced in sequences or bouts. The sounds produced by fin whales can be heard at a distance estimated at hundreds of kilometers. The sounds duration and frequency might vary geographically, as well as the length of the sequences.


spec bp 01 

Fin whale  signals spectrogram © Woods Hole Institute


Our system does not allow us to record infrasound. Every sound of all the Odontocetes in the area were sampled since 1995. Unfortunately, because of the shipwreck in 1999,  only the pilot whale archive has been saved. The cetaceans recording in the Ischia water was then resumed in the year 2000. Today the Oceanomare Delphis library sounds contains hundreds of recordings of six different species of cetaceans.