The Ministerial Decree 03/04/2000 enters the coastal waters of Ischia, the south coast of the Procida island with the islet of Vivara in the list of Sites of Community Importance and Special Protection Areas identified under Directives 92 / 43CEE and 79/409 / EEC dedicated to the conservation of biodiversity and natural habitat.

For a long time the drawings of the Environmental Sector of the Region of Campania with the location of the sites, were discordant. For these locations were taken safeguard standards, but ambiguity about the exact location in the territory made ​​it practically unenforceable any provision of protection.

We’ve been waiting for years for the establishment of a Marine Protected Area (Law 394/1991) for the Flegree volcanic islands (Ischia, Procida and Vivara) by the Ministry of the Environment. An AMP could mitigate some of the direct threats to cetaceans, however the zoning proposal by some municipalities and associations of the island did not include the critical habitat of cetaceans.

As shown in this map, the coastal boundaries (red line) for the proposed Marine Protected Area, only partially included the heads of the canyon of Cuma (light yellow area), preferred habitat of cetaceans. The proposal for which we fought was the inclusion of the canyon of Cuma within the perimeter of the future AMP.

mappa ischia

Through the combined efforts of national and international organizations, our data have led to the inclusion in the AMP at least the area of the heads of the canyon, resulting in the creation of the area D devoted to whales and defined to protect the critical habitat of common dolphin .

The organizations that have joined in this action are: Friends of Richard Domenici (Italy), Humane Society (US), Tethys (Italy), Ocean Care (Switzerland), Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (UK) Swiss Coalition for the Protection of Whales (CH), Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (UK).

To protect the entire canyon, we are currently collaborating with the Italian Society of Marine Biology, the regions of Lazio and Campania and the Ministry of Environment to support the project of a SCI (Site of Community Importance) which also includes the critical habitat of the sperm whale.