The research has provided a range of information which we hope will allow the definition of marine areas of particular interest for the assessment and conservation of the biodiversity.

The identification of critical areas for the biology of the species of cetaceans used as a "model" the submarine canyon of Cuma and the determination of the relationship between their distribution, behavior and the geomorphology of the seabed, may represent a solid basis for monitoring using these species as bio-indicators of environmental quality, as it has already happened in other parts of the world. The protection of cetaceans in fact result in the automatic protection of a wide range of species, which with the key species, they share the environment.

Unfortunately Ischia cetaceans, in addition to being offended by indirect threats such as pollution or climate change, they also suffer direct threats:

Our observations were carried out mainly during the summer season, when pleasure boats and ferries throng the waters of Ischia

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traffico 01

The commercial and passenger traffic between Naples and the islands of Ischia and Procida was calculated exceeding the 200,000 trips per year and in the ports of Ischia were counted daily attendance of more than 2,000 pleasure boats.

In the study area have been documented several collisions with motor boats that involved stripe dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, sperm whales, dolphins and fin whales; it has also been reported a dramatic event of disturbance that involved the Risso's dolphin species. Despite the abundance of diverse and vulnerable population of cetaceans, the coastal waters of Ischia are commonly used as a track for Sunday fun motor racing and the local Coast Guard, along with the supervision of the WAP does not have the appropriate means to deal with the emergency of the situation.