Key threatening processes affect cetaceans and marine life: preserving cetaceans and marine biological diversity are individual and collective responsibilities of humans.

Oceanomare-Delphis Onlus promotes the knowledge and practices of conservation of cetaceans and marine biodiversity, implementing non-invasive studies, promoting conservation and education programs, raising public awareness on cetaceans and the marine environment.



Oceanomare-Delphis Onlus believe in these values​​:


Biodiversity, complexity and functioning of ecological systems have intrinsic value and are of fundamental importance for the human being: the extinction and destruction of natural ecosystems caused by humans is unacceptable.


Science and knowledge are crucial to the understanding of how the natural world works and how humans impact on it: the collaboration between scientists, conservation professionals, administrators and policy-makers is essential to incorporate scientific information into decisions management of the marine environment.


Some key processes threatening and affect cetaceans and marine life: to preserve cetacean and the biodiversity of the marine environment is an individual and collective human responsibility


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