The education and the spreading of information contribute to the efficiency of conservation actions and support research activities.

Organizing events, producing didactic tools, setting up exhibitions, supervising degree theses in collaboration with several Italian Universities, realizing study camps.

Field courses, workshops, scientific and public conferences, conventions, scientific publications, education in schools, environmental education.

Cetacean Museum

Cetaceans Section of the Villa Arbusto’ s Museum in Lacco Ameno

The Cetaceans Section of the Villa Arbusto’ s Museum located in Lacco Ameno, has on display a permanent exhibition dedicated to all cetaceans frequenting the waters of Ischia.

The exhibition is set up on the top floors of Villa Gingerò and it displays informative panels on Ischia’s cetaceans, made ​​with color plates by Maurizio Wurtz as well as photos collected over the years by the Delphis researchers.

Among the exhibits, the complete skeleton of a young common dolphin (Delphinus delphis) stranded in Ischia in November 2003 and recovered by the volunteers.

The skeleton was reconstructed by the taxidermist Vincenzo Cicala under the supervision of Nicholas Maio, curator of the Zoological Museum of the University Federico II of Naples. It represents the first documented stranding of this species on the island.

Also on show at the museum, a historical organic compound belonging to the Zoological Station A. Dohrn made ​​available by the Laboratory of Benthos of Ischia, geological maps of the study area, and a bulletin board dedicated to the most common prey of dolphins.





























Dolphin Day

 Ischia Island, Negombo, Lacco Ameno

To inform and raise awareness about the urgency of protecting dolphins and their environment, since 2002 our association organizes Dolphin Day, an annual event dedicated to cetaceans and environmental education.

The purpose of Dolphin Day is to disseminate information about the decline of Mediterranean dolphins as a consequence of overfishing and degradation of the marine environment.



Nautical Institute 

A synergy between school and environment proposed to the students of nautical institutes, future professional operators who, with different tasks, will sail our seas to transfer the value of biodiversity and the richness of Mediterranean species.

Adaptability, resistance to stress, initiative, teamwork, communication skills even with people of different nationalities, attention to detail, ability, and determination to achieve objectives.

Theoretical and practical training is an experience that allows you to learn in a short time the value of teamwork and the enhancement of everyone’s contributions in favor of a unity of purpose.