Support our field expeditions

Our Volunteer Program studies whales and dolphins in the central Tyrrhenian Sea (Italy) and the research expeditions are supported through volunteers’ participation.

The main goal of the study is the conservation of the cetacean species ad their environment through knowledge and management.

Focusing on personal growth, socially responsible behaviour and teamwork, the experience allows transferring to different users (public, students, teachers, journalists, researchers, etc) the values of biodiversity and species richness of the Mediterranean Sea.

The boat environment promotes the values of recycling, energy efficiency, water and resources conservation, simple lifestyle.

The encounters with such charismatic mega-fauna as whales and dolphins in their natural environment together with the comprehension of their complex behaviours, societies and threats, help in understand major conservation problems, including habitat modification, overfishing, resources depletion, pollution.

All participants leave the project with a good understanding of cetacean field research techniques that may be useful in future experiences.

Besides getting to learn about cetaceans and their environment, the world of the research and animal conservation, it is also possible to live through important human experiences.