Nine cetaceans species are qualified as threatened in the Mediterranean basin

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In the framework of the 33rd conference of the European Cetacean Society, in the section "habitat use", our association presented a study entitled Core habitats of bottlenose dolphins in the MPA Regno di Nettuno, Gulf of Naples, Italy. Species conservation requires a...



The 33rd European Cetacean Society conference was held virtually this week. The theme of this year's conference was: Marine Mammal Research and Conservation Effort - Are we on the right path? The chosen theme stimulated the conventional approach to marine mammal...

The endangered short beaked common dolphin is disappearing from the Mediterranean Sea.

Our last article on the decline of the Ischia local population.

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Expeditions are open to everybody who wish to share and work enthusiastically on the field. Everybody can participate. The Project is almost exclusively supported by the financial contribution of participants. The money you pay to participate in the program will be used to cover the project running costs. The financial contribution of the project participants is essential to allow study and conservation activities to continue.

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Marine Mammal Observers and Passive Acoustic Monitoring in the Mediterranean

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Oceanomare Delphis and the Municipality of Casamicciola Terme have signed a Memorandum of Understanding and an Agreement aimed at the dissemination of scientific and educational material collected on cetaceans on the island of Ischia.