MMO and monitoring

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Due to the growing concern about the harmful effects that high levels of noise placed in the marine environment in particular cause to cetaceans, specific monitoring regulation have been introduced in an attempt to minimize the negative impacts.

Also thanks to the new regulations, more and more frequently the industry (oil industries, but not only) in case of seismic surveys, use of explosives, excavation, military exercises, mapping of the seabed and dredging - must implement 'best practice' of environmental commitment, involving Marine Mammal Observers (MMO) and/or operators PAM (Passive Acoustic Monitoring) as independent observers.

The Marine Mammal Observer and PAM operators are skilled professionals experts in the recognition of marine mammal and acoustic signals produced by these species, responsible for the implementation of appropriate mitigation measures to protect animals during offshore activities that generate noise or disturbance .

The main role of a Marine Mammal Observer is to collect data on the presence of cetaceans in the area of work, for the entire period of it , with acoustic and visual techniques (with the use of hydrophones) and to implement, in real time, mitigation measures on the potential impacts of the noise on the species.